Preparation for the Grand Opening (TODAY!)

Jesse and Nathan putting up the Grand Opening Sign.
First Light Farm’s produce is a Certified Organic.

Yesterday my grandson Wesley and I visited during the preparations for the Grand Opening of First Light Farm Farm Stand, 4588 Bodega Avenue, Petaluma, formerly Anderson’s Farm Stand. The stand will be open from 12 to 5 pm today through Sunday, and from then on throughout this fall from 12-6 pm Wednesday to Friday, and 10 to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday.

Wesley spent a good deal of time with his construction equipment in the dirt, but we did walk the corn maze, which is just growing in for the fall.

Donielle setting up the stand. 
Wesley in the maze.

I also delivered a carload of lavender product, so this is a place to get our dried and distilled lavender! Donielle will be selling lavender, First Light Farm produce, and Chica Bloom Flowers at the stand these next days.

Stop in and enjoy the young farmer excitement about creating food systems that support community while also providing quality food.

When you buy from local farmers, and organic and/or Biodynamic farmers, you too are participating in an environmental act, a vote for our children’s and grandchildren’s future.