Lavender and Bees

Lavender and Bees Lavender and bees go together!  The following is an excerpt from  Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation and tells how the bees helped us get started marketing lavender. June 10 is generally the beginning of the lavender harvest for the flowers we dry. The work begins before sunrise, as we try to get… Read more »

Lavender Harvest Begins!

Lot Natalie in the early morning. The bees always alert us to the timing first!  When they arrive, it means the calyxes are beginning to open, and we need to harvest lavender for the dried product pronto! We want to get it just after the opening of two or three calyxes so the flowers do… Read more »

Culinary Use of Lavender in Grilling

A good way to begin cooking with lavender. Available at Petaluma Market or online. Photo by Art and Clarity. One of the easiest ways to begin cooking with lavender is to use these cooking stems (fire sticks) in grilling. Soak them in water and then use them in a clay pot with garlic and other… Read more »

Your Chance to Sample Our Lavender Limeade on Friday, April 12!

Our lavender is ideal for culinary use. Art and Clarity photo.             Your Chance to Sample Our Lavender Limeade on Friday, April 12! If you haven’t had a chance to sample our lavender limeade— and it is a transformative experience! —Lisa will be offering samples again this Friday, April 12, at… Read more »

Preparation for the Grand Opening (TODAY!)

Jesse and Nathan putting up the Grand Opening Sign.First Light Farm’s produce is a Certified Organic. Yesterday my grandson Wesley and I visited during the preparations for the Grand Opening of First Light Farm Farm Stand, 4588 Bodega Avenue, Petaluma, formerly Anderson’s Farm Stand. The stand will be open from 12 to 5 pm today… Read more »

Dried Lavender

Lavender drying in shed. The lavender chosen for bouquets is dry at last. We hang it in our shed in the dark. Since most of our plants are used for distillation, we dry only one shed full these days, and do not use heat (energy conserving). Then we clean it by shaking out leaves from… Read more »