Preparing for the Helichrysum italicum

Some of the 380 helichrysum awaiting transplant.







Preparing for the Helichrysum italicum

This season brings many tasks. One of them is the preparation of the ground for the helichrysum plants we had propagated last spring from mother plants I had carefully selected to see if they liked to grow in our terroir.

Okay, I’ll be honest: we didn’t mean to grow helichrysum!  I actually thought we were having 500 cuttings of artemisia arborescens propagated. It wasn’t until they were rooted, home from the nursery, and transplanted into larger pots that I realized the cuttings smelled like curry, the smell of helichrysum, not like artemisia arborescens. My (huge) error!

Adventures in farming!  But I like to think this plant chose us!  One way or the other, we now we have 380 plants in the green house preparing to be transplanted next Tuesday, a “flower” day, ideal for aromatic plants. Today Ramon builds mounds beside the lavender which will insure proper drainage in our heavy soils.

Preparing the mounds for planting.