Gemini: Working with the Moon

Gemini: Working with the Moon It’s a “flower” day, the moon in Gemini, an air sign, and ideal for working with aromatics. This morning we are pruning the lavender  back into the little mounds in which it will stay for the next ten months. It is important to finish this pruning now so the plants… Read more »

Lavender Harvest Begins!

Lot Natalie in the early morning. The bees always alert us to the timing first!  When they arrive, it means the calyxes are beginning to open, and we need to harvest lavender for the dried product pronto! We want to get it just after the opening of two or three calyxes so the flowers do… Read more »

Moon Sign Timing

Dogs meditating during morning stirring. Busy morning!  We are transplanting rose geranium into the orchard and spraying 501, silica from quartz crystal. Moon in Gemini (until 11 am), an air, or flower, sign, and descending now, an ideal time to transplant. The silica spray (horned quartz crystal, or BD 501) on the aromatics brings the… Read more »

Propagating Rose Geranium

The tiny cuttings will spend the winter in our greenhouse and be planted in the spring after frost danger. Propagating Rose Geranium Moon in Aquarius, an air or flower day, and we propagate 288 rose geranium cuttings this morning. We work with the aromatics on “flower days,” days that the moon is in an air… Read more »

Harvest: Helichrysum Italicum

  Helichrysum italicum just before harvest. Harvest: Helichrysum Italicum It is as if the sun snowed!  Yellow blossoms dot the hillside, blossoms we harvest and distill today and tomorrow, Biodynamic flower days. The moon is in Gemini, an air sign,  and an ideal time for an  aromatic plant, as the energy is rising into the flower…. Read more »

Flower Day: Working With the Moon

Rose geranium harvested and ready to be distilled.                 Flower Day: Working With the Moon Why is it that those of us who have developed sensitivities to subtle energies can feel intimidated by those rendered ignorant by lopsided rationalism?  Traditionally the farmer intuitively knew these realms of existence,… Read more »

Preparing for the Helichrysum italicum

Some of the 380 helichrysum awaiting transplant.             Preparing for the Helichrysum italicum This season brings many tasks. One of them is the preparation of the ground for the helichrysum plants we had propagated last spring from mother plants I had carefully selected to see if they liked to grow… Read more »