Rainy Day Meditation on Drought

Patient meditation as lower pond fills.



Two frogs woke me in the night, croaking back and forth right under our bedroom window. Yes, I welcomed them! I haven’t heard them in weeks! It is raining at last! Almost 3 inches these 24 hours and it’s still pouring, periods of heavy rain predicted throughout the weekend. I walked the property this morning, noting how things are “greening up.” Soon there will be wildflowers—and just when I had accepted the possibility that it might not happen this year.

This afternoon we are beginning a reading group to study Dennis Klocek’s Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics. I am relieved to have a group with which to read this brilliant, albeit dense, book. Klocek (and Steiner before him) states that our greatest tool as farmers is consciousness, that consciousness is our greatest tool for change.

What consciousness is being challenged in us by drought, drought so seemingly opposite of the steady rain that has gifted our irrigation ponds with a few inches over the night? Rain quickly puts things into solution, sinking into the earth, allowing minerals to be absorbed in solution and then by root hairs, and roots, and on up into plants. In our area our hard clay so quickly becomes slippery, and if the rain keeps coming, liquifies. Solutio.

Is drought the opposite of solutio? If the great polarity of life is what Steiner says, that of “coagulatio” (earth) and “solve” (cosmos,) does the extreme drought we have been experiencing in the West reflect something too hardened, too fixed in manifestation, devoid of levity of spirit?

In what way does our consciousness—and evolution thereof— affect the Earth?

I would like your thoughts.