Spraying the Perimeter: Preparation for the Three Kings

Spraying the “501” along the boundary line early morning.
Inviting solar and cosmic energies
This time of year we spray the perimeter of our land, first with “BC prep,” a biodynamic spray that has all the biodynamic compost preps plus the horned manure earth spray, or “500”, (late afternoon), then with the quartz crystal cosmic spray, or “501”,  (morning). This is all in preparation for the Three Kings Spray, to be described in the next blogs.
This spray sequence is quite rigorous!  Most of our ranch is mountainous and heavily wooded. All of us have carried the backpack sprayer, meditating on the promise we are making to the land. All of us have slipped on the steep deer trails. One New Year’s Eve I remember sliding down a particularly steep trail on the west end of the ranch unsure of how I was going to be able to continue along the northern boundary. Suddenly Ramon arrived, offering to finish. I gratefully accepted!

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