Spraying the Perimeter: Preparation for the Three Kings

Spraying the “501” along the boundary line early morning. Inviting solar and cosmic energies This time of year we spray the perimeter of our land, first with “BC prep,” a biodynamic spray that has all the biodynamic compost preps plus the horned manure earth spray, or “500”, (late afternoon), then with the quartz crystal cosmic… Read more »

Certification Inspection

Certification Inspection The inspector for the certifier Demeter (Biodynamic®) and Stellar Certification Services (organic) arrived Friday to inspect our ranch and records. This is a time we always pull everything together: the scraps of paper that have notes that have not yet been incorporated into the records, the work area for the lavender processing straightened… Read more »

Sequence Sprays

Stirring “preps” for sequence spray. If you do only two practices to begin Biodynamic gardening, do a sequence spray and start a compost pile. As time goes by, you can adapt the use of the sprays to your own land’s needs, but the sequence is the ground work. This week we will explain the “sequence.”… Read more »

Boundaries and Water

Boundaries and Water This time of year storms pummel us with wind and rain; we watch the ditches along our long gravel driveway like hawks. One branch or clump of leaves stopping up the ditch can wash out the road in a matter of minutes. Donald has resisted asphalting our driveway. We think of the… Read more »

On Boundaries

Dasher walking the eastern boundary. On Boundaries Each year this time when we receive our certification renewal papers, we are asked to describe what is happening along each section of the boundary of our property. There are two reasons for this. In Demeter Biodynamic/ Stellar Certification Services organic farming we are required to have buffer… Read more »

Two Blessings of 2010: Wesley and Dasher

  Two Blessings of 2010: Wesley and Dasher We start 2011 contemplating the blessings of 2010, including the birth of our grandson, Wesley, and four new goatlings.   Donald and I (Patricia) live on a small, Demeter certified Biodynamic® ranch on the lower flanks the western mountain range of the Napa Valley, California, raising grapes, lavender,… Read more »