Spring and Lavender

Spring and Lavender Our son Casey, daughter-in-law Melissa, and grandsons Wesley and Sabien, join us on the ranch with the lavender and aromatic cultivation and marketing. They will be sharing their experiences over these next months as they weed, harvest, and distill to get the lavender to you! By Melissa McLaughlin After a week of heavy rain which soaked… Read more »

Imbolic Thoughts

Imbolic Thoughts Two weeks into this time called crystallization period, when the earth’s ear turns to cosmic whispers. I’ll be honest: winter goes too quickly for me. I always think there will be more time for rest, reflection. But we’ve gained more than an hour of light since the solstice and although the sun’s last… Read more »

Signs of Spring: Shedding Undercoats

Anna’s scruffy undercoat on a walk this morning. One of the signs that winter is losing its hold is the shedding of the goats’ undercoats!  It is so tempting to brush goats as they look pretty scruffy, yet last night the thermometer dropped to 37 degrees and the wind machines in the valley wined all… Read more »