Story of the Labyrinth

The eastern range is but an outline against the golden glow of First Light. Soon Ramon will arrive to harvest the labyrinth lavender, trimming the flower heads and packing them in sheet bundles. It is a “flower” day, moon in aquarius, an air or “flower” sign. Whenever possible in Biodynamic farming, we time work with such subtle cosmic forces.

The labyrinth has many stories: The morning after Donald and I laid it out using only a rope and stakes, we found a snake skin, shed overnight, in the center. The labyrinth lavender often distills twice as much oil per pound as the lavender nearby (Lot Goatsong). Once we had a fire that burned completely around the labyrinth, melting the irrigation hose on the outer ring. One hundred of the goatsong lavender plants were burned, but only one on the outer edge of the labyrinth.

People walk the labyrinth in meditation. This is why we do not sell the essential oil, only gift it to those who have walked it over the year. I think of it as liquid prayer. We do bottle and sell the hydrosol, however. This year that lot number will be Labyrinth 11, so if you happen to purchase a hydrosol so marked, you will know a little of its history.