Grape Harvest Update

Although delicious, these grapes have at least a couple of weeks of ripening for winemaking. The grapes are within a couple of weeks from harvest now, and we have started checking the sugars every few days. Hot weather pushes them quickly; cool weather slows them down. There is so much not in our control! Cool nights… Read more »

Lot Number Labyrinth 11

 Lot Number Labyrinth 11 Labyrinth after the 2008 fire.   The labyrinth has many stories: The morning after Donald and I laid it out using only a rope and stakes, we found a snake skin, shed overnight, in the center. The labyrinth lavender often distills twice as much oil per pound as the lavender nearby… Read more »

Story of the Labyrinth

The eastern range is but an outline against the golden glow of First Light. Soon Ramon will arrive to harvest the labyrinth lavender, trimming the flower heads and packing them in sheet bundles. It is a “flower” day, moon in aquarius, an air or “flower” sign. Whenever possible in Biodynamic farming, we time work with… Read more »