Vote with Your Food Dollars

Vote with Your Food Dollars Vote with your food dollars! Support a small farmer, a farmer whose business plan includes building soil and biodiversity. Mix stockholders and corporations into this, and the earth and biodiversity become secondary to profit. We seem to have lost sight of the fact that how we make a living is… Read more »


Coyotes Why are the coyotes so active right now? A mother and her two almost fully grown pups saunter across the meadow this morning and our guard llama Hijo alarms with his whiny. Not okay! he seems to say. Not on my watch! They are an important part of the ecosystem here, and I would not… Read more »

Who Else Lives Here…

  The spider is deep in the funnel tunnel, upper left and lower middle.               Who Else Lives Here… One of the values of walking the land each day is learning who else lives here. Those sheets of web so close to the ground, those are funnel spiders, and… Read more »

Natural Ecosystems and Diversity: What’s Blooming

mariposa tulip grows in the hot, open meadows               Natural Ecosystems and Diversity: What’s Blooming The end of wild flower season brings some of my favorites: mariposa tulip, bog candle, and Neptune’s trident.  They are all a part of the healthy diversity of this ecosystem in which we live…. Read more »

Aldo Leopold and Goethe

A paperback version from Ballantine Books, 1966. Many of us at the conference carried this edition.                 Aldo Leopold and Goethe The principles Aldo Leopold wrote about in A Sand County Almanac, first published in 1949, are so similar to those principles in Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic Agriculture, and further… Read more »

Quail Tales

Mr. Quail. The Mrs. is in front of him, her head obscured by the blurry grape leaf. The goats heard the alarm cry this morning before I did: Te-te-te-te! Te-te-te-te! They stopped, and a quail couple trotted through the fence and into the vineyard. We won’t hurt you, I said softly, but nevertheless, they ran into… Read more »

Neptune’s Trident

Neptune’s trident behind a small but strident goat. I  know this flower as Neptune’s trident, although there are several other common names. It comes late spring along with the Mariposa tulip, a member of the lily family.  It too is part of the natural biodiversity here, both supporting our native pollinators. We wait to mow areas… Read more »

Blue Dick

These the goats love!  I have to be very careful photographing when the goats are with me, or the flower head is gone, quick as a wink! These are the kinds of plants  our ranch expresses when it is in its full individuality and natural biodiversity. The more I understand, the more I see that not listening… Read more »

Douglas’ Iris Story

Douglas’ Iris on our ranch Many years ago, Donald had a tenant who lived in the house where Ramon and his family now live who told him a story about the Douglas’ Iris that come up this time of year. The tenant told him they were planted by one of the first pioneers—a little like a… Read more »

Owl’s Clover

When Owl’s Clover shows up, usually in disturbed areas along the driveway, I know we are in mid spring. (Once a consultant told us that those plants growing in disturbed land are building soil.) They are members of the Figwort family, a goat delicacy, and a welcome part of our natural biodiversity. View Our Lavender… Read more »