Possible Showers Monday and Tuesday?? Yikes! Anxiety! I’d like to be philosophical, like I am with our son Jesse in talking about the business of farming, its uncertainties, how there is a lot we have no control over. It’s a partnership with Nature, I say. I know this from way back, from my farming father…. Read more »

The Season to Keep Your Car Doors Locked!

The Season to Keep Your Car Doors Locked! My brother says this is the time of year that when you go to town, you better keep your car doors locked. Otherwise you will end up with somebody else’s abundance sitting on your front seat, to add to your own! It is one of the most… Read more »

Part Two: Farming and Politics, a Personal Story

Farming and Politics: a Personal Story is a longer blog, and I provide a link if you are moved to read it. We are always surprised at how we farmers can vote against our own interests by stopping government regulation, leaving the field open to corporate control. This is a story of how this impacted… Read more »

Preparing for the Helichrysum italicum

Some of the 380 helichrysum awaiting transplant.             Preparing for the Helichrysum italicum This season brings many tasks. One of them is the preparation of the ground for the helichrysum plants we had propagated last spring from mother plants I had carefully selected to see if they liked to grow… Read more »

Grape Bloom

Tiny cluster of grape blooms fully open and pollinating. The grape bloom is in full force. When you walk through the vines, you see tiny white brushes of grape bloom clusters everywhere. It rained this week, three tenths of an inch, and they say more again today. I remind myself: it often rains during bloom… Read more »

Snakes . . . Everyone Should At Least Have One . . . Copy

Snakes . . . Everyone Should At Least Have One . . . Copy   Fisher King Press is pleased to announce the publication of Snakes, a novel  by Patricia Damery Go West Young Lady! Love – Sex – Naiveté – Family – Values – Commitment – Betrayal . . . Patricia Damery weaves a seductive… Read more »