Bees in Lavender

The bees are letting us know it is time to distill! The calyxes are open and ready to go.  Sitting in the lavender is like sitting in a hive (I think. Not that I have done it!) Listen and watch these busy ladies! (We always leave some unharvested so the bees get their fill.) View… Read more »

Honey Bee and the Buckeye Blossom

Honey bees are drawn to the Buckeye , which is just finishing its bloom, and yet, the pollen is toxic to the bee. The bees take the pollen back to the hive and feed it to the developing bees. The result is wingless bees: if too many are wingless, they cannot forage, and the hive… Read more »

May Day Honey Bee Report: Rue

A couple of years ago, Ramon gifted our garden with two rue plants that his daughter had rooted. He told us that they would ward off evil. When one died last year, he questioned us carefully about who had been in the garden. Rue on the right at the entry of our garden. We replaced… Read more »

Native Edibles: Miner’s Lettuce and Diversity

Miner’s lettuce A few years ago Judith Lowry Larner consulted with us about the native plants on our land. We want to support their populations, as they provide important habitat for native pollinators, honey bees, and many other animals. As Biodynamic farmers we work for diversity, and our native plants are an important part of… Read more »

February Honey Bee Food

Honey bee visiting rosemary blossom.     Many people are surprised to learn that in moderate climates, cities are ¬†one of the best places for honey bees to forage. They never go hungry! If you live in such a climate, consider planting a variety of blooming bushes and plants so that your garden always has… Read more »

Pollinator Watching!

¬†Pollinator Watching! The coyote bushes, in full bloom, are abuzz these sunny days with many visitors! Native plants provide important sources of pollen for native pollinators and honey bees alike. Honey bee visiting coyote bush.   Buckeye Butterfly rests under coyote bush.   Not a pollinator, but she’s been” hanging out” here for a couple… Read more »