Biodynamic Rain Dance

  Upper Reservoir. Photo Art by Bill Fulton. Biodynamic Rain Dance This week we will do a Biodynamic sequence spray to increase moisture. On Wednesday afternoon, October 17, we will begin by stirring two earth preparations together, Barrel Compost (BC Prep) and BD 500 (horned manure), which we spray on the ground in the late… Read more »


Dandelion adapted to our thin, dry top soils of northern California. My mother would have thought I was crazy, planting dandelion seeds in my garden! She tried to get rid of dandelions, although not too hard. We had a lot of them, the yellow heads and hollow stems dotting our yard each spring. My sister… Read more »

Biodynamic “Preps” arrive!

Biodynamic Preparations for 2012 arrive! Last Thursday our “preps” for the year arrived in a rather small box. I am always astonished at how little space is required for the preparations which treat 8 farmed acres over the course of the coming year. We repack the earth or compost preps preparations in ceramic and glass… Read more »

BC Prep and Radiation: Bring Balance in Hard Times

Photo Art by Bill Fulton               BC Prep and Radiation: Bring Balance in Hard Times In consulting with the Josephine Porter Institute this morning, I learned that calcium will help mitigate harm from any possible radiation coming our way. One way to get this is through the barrel compost,… Read more »