Beginning of Crystallization Period, January 15 to February 15.

Vineyard Floor in January. Beginning of Crystallization Period, January 15 to February 15. Do the crystals we call frost transmit information to the earth (like crystal receivers) this Crystallization Period, January 15 to February 15? This is the time Rudolf Steiner said the earth was most receptive to the forces of the cosmos. As earth,… Read more »

Planting Stinging Nettle: Biodynamic Preparation 504

Stinging nettle flourishes in the Irish cemetery of my ancestors. What does it mean that stinging nettle does not grow on our ranch? Obviously, our hot and dry Mediterranean climate does not invite nettle, but energetically, what are we missing? Rudolf Steiner said it is the one Biodynamic preparation plant (504) for which there is no substitute…. Read more »

Crystallization Period: More reading!

One more week of the crystallization period, this quiet, dormant time when our psyches and the earth open to larger energies. More suggested reading (a little like studying seed catalogues!): C. G. Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections. Jung’s “so-called” autobiography, edited. Still, a great read, and a real introduction to his life and work. Gary Lachman,  Rudolf Steiner:… Read more »


Crystallization In biodynamics the period from January 15 to February 15 is called the Crystallization Period, that time when the earth is fallow and most receptive to the energies of the cosmos. It is said that any application applied at this time will do nothing until after February 15, so it truly is a period… Read more »