The Bluebirds Are Back!

Yes, it is dry and it feels like we have missed out on serious storms, at least so far, but the bluebirds arrived this afternoon and had a bath in our fountain! They think spring is on the way! View Our Lavender Products

February Notes

Pruning was finished February 8! Ramon is still tying canes. Nothing is growing much yet. The garden is in a kind of slumber; beets and cabbage rest in the garden to harvest as needed. Today, February 15, is the end of the crystallization period, that time of fallowness and rest. The plum tree prepares to… Read more »

Part One: Politics of Farming: Donald’s Letter to the Farm Bureau

Paul Wenger, President January 22, 2012 California Farm Bureau Federation 2300 River Plaza Drive Sacramento Ca. 95833 Dear Mr. Wenger, We have been farmers in California for the past 25 year and have been members of the Farm Bureau most of that time. My wife, Patricia and I are from farm families in the Midwest,… Read more »


Snowberry grows on the forest edge and is largely responsible for holding our slopes in place, particularly important this time of year when the earth can become so waterlogged, it flows. View Our Lavender Products

What to do while it rains

What to do while it’s raining? During the Biodynamic crystallization period, January 15-February 15 (see last year, Crystallization), the earth is at its most dormant, but it is also most receptive to the cosmic forces. It is agreat time to read and to ruminate on the greater questions in life! Recommended Reading:The Earth Has a… Read more »

While waiting on the rain…

Recycled Plum Prunings, forcing blooms! —we took a long walk, cleaning up stray coyote bushes and madrone on the way. —accidentally flushed a covey of quail into the willow by the small pond. —”recycled” plum prunings. View Our Lavender Products

Forecast: Rain!

Finally, after a month of no rainfall, rain is predicted!  The clouds gather this morning. I take the goats on an extra long walk, as they hate rain and may be barnyard bound for several days. We stop pruning to replenish firewood, clean ditches and gutters of leaves and debris, cover equipment. And we give… Read more »

First Wildflower Spotting of the Year

First Milkmaid, January 15, 2012 The first wildflower of the season was spotted Sunday in the ditch of our driveway: milkmaid. Milkmaid is a member of the mustard (Brassicaceae) family whose ancestor is a wild cabbage. It seems late arriving, but I see in our notebook that actually it is just in time! These are the dates… Read more »

What the goats will be having for Christmas Dinner

People have asked… What the goats will be having for Christmas Dinner First Course —will be their wormwood concoction, which is an herbal wormer mixed with molasses. They love it! Once I had mixed it in the refrigerator. I caught my son taking the bowl out preparing to sneak “gingerbread cookie dough”. Needless to say,… Read more »

Cutting Up Wood

P.I. enjoying the labors. Cutting Up Wood Donald and Ramon cut up downed wood and dead trees most days, wood that we season a year and burn for heat. This practice is carbon neutral if the wood is seasoned well and then burned hot in an environmentally certified wood stove. Splitting logs, which will then… Read more »