Distillation Event Sale of Last Season Lavender

  Distillation Event Sale of Last Season Lavender If you are in the area Saturday, July 16, please consider dropping by between 8:30 am and 11:30 am as Donald is distilling lavender. You can see the process, and also benefit from end of season sales. Prices are good only as supplies last. Biodynamic Organic Large… Read more »

Guest Blog: Part Three of Interview of Charlie Toledo, Executive Director of Suscol Intertribal Council, with Lisa Murgatroyd, Part Three

First Prototype of Suskol House, Native American Healing and Cultural Center in Chiles-Pope Valley. Photo by C. Toledo. Can we have effective stewardship of the land if we do not recognize its ancestral heritage —how it was tended before Western Europeans arrived, the ways it passed from generation to generation, the impact on all by… Read more »

Open House, June 18, 2011

Harms Vineyards and Lavender Fields  Open House, June 18, 2011 June 18, 2011 10 am to 4 pm  Please join us for a day of tours, talks, sensory delights!  Sip our lavender limeade, taste lavender culinary goodies, meet our goats, amble through vineyards and  lavender!  Our estate grown dried and distilled lavender products will be for… Read more »

More Good News and Bad News

Tiny grape clusters just beginning to bloom. More Good News and Bad News This time: the “bad news” first— it is raining and the grapes are just beginning to bloom. Once our viticulturist told us that in our dry Mediterranean climate, rain is never bad. Indeed, the vineyards and lavender are getting a late season… Read more »

Stirring Equipment

Stirring “510” in 12 gallon crock  at sunrise. The stirring equipment needed depends on how much you will be spraying. For an acre or less, a 10-12 gallon crock or small wooden barrel or wooden bucket works well. Get one that has never had chemicals in it. We use a wooden dowel or stick to… Read more »

Time to Order the Biodynamic Preparations

BD #501, Horn Silica, is stored in sunlight.       Even one hundred years ago Rudolf Steiner foresaw the problems of climate change and of the diminishing fertility of the soil and developed practices to help. He described these practices in his lectures of 1924, now published in Agriculture, recommending that we use biodynamic… Read more »

What the Bees Are Up To This Week

Honey Bees in Flowering Rosemary What the Bees Are Up To This Week The honey bees are very busy this week augmenting their winter honey storage and making a new queen. The plum tree, which popped into bloom on Saturday, sounds like a swarm, as do the rosemary bushes by the house. The native pollinators… Read more »