Whispering Persimmons

Lisa and Jesse harvest persimmons with pruners.




They talk to you as you work: the persimmons, that is. The late afternoon sun is cool; the October earth, Mediterranean dry. The work goes quickly. Images come, for that is how persimmons speak:  Trap gophers!  Interplant more rose geranium!  Irrigate earlier for larger fruit! 

Jesse, Lisa, and I listen, plan, brainstorm. Communal work, the kind that I have known since I was a child growing up on a Midwestern small farm, is collaborative, fun.

It is a good harvest for these young trees and the fruit is delicious. Intense, fresh flavors. We decide to dehydrate this year, about 650 Biodynamic organic persimmons in all.

Box of harvested fruit.

The land restores, if we receive it. We finish harvesting, rejuvenated. Plans for the current harvest, the new year, the arc of the energy of the land into the future, discussed.

In gratitude to the Fuyu Persimmon!