Last Harvests of Season, Composting What’s Left

Last Harvests of Season, Composting What’s Left We are doing the last harvests of the season: yesterday, the rose geranium (and distillation), today the harvest of the Fuyu persimmons, which our son Jesse will include in First Light Farm Share boxes. He and his wife Lisa planted them some years ago and the trees are… Read more »

Moon Sign Timing

Dogs meditating during morning stirring. Busy morning!  We are transplanting rose geranium into the orchard and spraying 501, silica from quartz crystal. Moon in Gemini (until 11 am), an air, or flower, sign, and descending now, an ideal time to transplant. The silica spray (horned quartz crystal, or BD 501) on the aromatics brings the… Read more »

Valerian and Frost

Burrrrrr!!!!! (Okay,  I know, some of you are much colder! But we Mediterranean climate people aren’t used to frost!)     When you need gloves to walk the goats in the morning, and when the grass sparkles at sunrise like stars, you seriously consider spraying Valerian on tender young plants, if you didn’t the evening… Read more »

Propagating Rose Geranium

The tiny cuttings will spend the winter in our greenhouse and be planted in the spring after frost danger. Propagating Rose Geranium Moon in Aquarius, an air or flower day, and we propagate 288 rose geranium cuttings this morning. We work with the aromatics on “flower days,” days that the moon is in an air… Read more »

Rose Geranium: Last harvest and distillation of the season

last harvest We have completed our last harvest and distillation of the season!  Always this is an illusory feeling of relief!  Illusory, because there is ever so much to do before the rains begin, and never more so than this year with our replanting of lavender, rose geranium, and helichyrsum. But there are also compost… Read more »

Whispering Persimmons

Lisa and Jesse harvest persimmons with pruners.       They talk to you as you work: the persimmons, that is. The late afternoon sun is cool; the October earth, Mediterranean dry. The work goes quickly. Images come, for that is how persimmons speak:  Trap gophers!  Interplant more rose geranium!  Irrigate earlier for larger fruit!  Jesse, Lisa, and… Read more »

Rose Geranium

Rose Geranium. We distill the leaves. These plants will be distilled in October. The wires will be covered with frost protection throughout the winter.                   Rose Geranium We get two distillations of rose geranium a year, one in the late spring, another in October. We are learning… Read more »

Flower Day: Working With the Moon

Rose geranium harvested and ready to be distilled.                 Flower Day: Working With the Moon Why is it that those of us who have developed sensitivities to subtle energies can feel intimidated by those rendered ignorant by lopsided rationalism?  Traditionally the farmer intuitively knew these realms of existence,… Read more »

Pruning and Winter Light

Frosty Fallowness in January                     Pruning and Winter Light January into February is about cutting back old wood. Nevertheless, wings of light unfold, if you let them, and carry you through quiet fallowness. Although we are into the fallow period and do almost no Biodynamic spraying… Read more »

Winter Work

Winter Work Our vineyard has huge caterpillars at work these days: our winter project to protect the rose geranium and lavender plantings during frosty nights. There are certain places the cold air accumulates, freezing the frost vulnerable rose geranium and some lavender, and it is in these places we stretch agribon over wire supports, which… Read more »