June 9: Free Offer on Snakes: A Novel

June 9: Free Offer on Snakes: A Novel In a week I will have pdf copies of newly soon-to-be republished Snakes (Leaping Goat Press, June 2014) and I am looking for people to read and then, if you like it, review the novel for Amazon (if you don’t, e-mail me instead!) Click on the link below, and… Read more »

Announcement: Snakes soon to be republished!

Publication Date: June 15 Leaping Goat Press       Snakes: a Novel began the first evening I met with the writing group of women which still meets every month these 30 years later. We had a exercise in which we were to talk with an inner critic. In my mind’s eye, a giant serpent came and… Read more »

Join us Saturday in the Corn Room!

Donald by one of the corn room’s walls. He is 6’6″!         This last weekend Donald and I attended the wedding of Daniele and Jeremy, close friends of our son Jesse and his wife Lisa, at First Light Farm. Jesse planted a corn field for the occasion and hollowed out a “corn… Read more »

Family Stories: Snakes and Wampum

Wampum beads, Wikipedia My novel Snakes grew out of years of hearing snake stories, some coming from family stories I heard as a child, and from these relatives who migrated from Stonington, Connecticut, to Old Stonington Colony, Illinois. The following stories were recounted by my great uncle Guy Peabody (b. 1878), son of William Edward… Read more »