Feasting Foodies or The Saga of the Organic Hay

 A feasting “foodie”               Feasting Foodies or The Saga of the Organic Hay It started like this: We got a notice from our certifier Demeter that an herbicide used in hayfields to control weeds was not breaking down through composting and was stopping the germination of seeds. We were… Read more »

It’s a Messy Job, but Someone’s Got to do it!

Putting Oak Bark “prep” into manure ball.               It’s a Messy Job, but Someone’s Got to do it! We wear gloves to insert compost preps. Once I didn’t―and, well, let’s just say, even lemon juice and Clorox didn’t help! We insert six biodynamic compost preps into the pile in… Read more »

Shoveling Sh_ _!

  Large load!           Shoveling Sh_ _! Yes, it smells like it looks, and yet, it is like gold to us!    Since we do not have cows on our ranch, and cow manure is the Biodynamic gold standard for fertility, Donald got two truckloads from Tresch’s Family organic dairy this… Read more »

Knock, Knock, Who’s There?

Wood chips at base of live oak.               Knock, Knock, Who’s There? Last week I discovered a pile of wood chips at the base of a live oak I walk and drive by each day on our lane. Further investigation revealed a three inch hole about five feet up… Read more »

Early November Report

Early November Report Sunlight pale as lemon juice, goats content to sleep in. We build fires, light candles, wear sweaters, clean leaves and dirt out of ditches, anticipate storms.

Making Mulch

Making Mulch   In Napa County we are blessed with a free chipping service through Firewise, a community based fire awareness program to help reduce fire risk. This works well with our biodynamic mandate to recycle  as much material as possible back into our land. We are always busy clearing downed wood and brush, and… Read more »

First Distillation of Rose Geranium

Moka and the new plugs of  rose geranium before planting in May First Distillation of Rose Geranium Yesterday Donald distilled the first cutting of our May planted  rose geranium, Pelargoniun graveolens roseum. The plant  is incredibly sweet, vigorous, with many healing properties.  This first hydrosol will go to Julia Faller of Bennedetta skin products.  First harvest. We… Read more »

Fall Biodynamic Spraying: ‘501″

Buckeye butterfly beneath coyote bush         After harvest we spray the crystal spray “501” on the vines and orchard to help prepare for the fruit the next year. This balances cosmic/solar forces with earth forces. We spray three times, once in each of the fruit (fire) astrological signs: Ares, Leo, and Sagittarius…. Read more »