Grape Harvest Update

Although delicious, these grapes have at least
a couple of weeks of ripening for winemaking.

The grapes are within a couple of weeks from harvest now, and we have started checking the sugars every few days. Hot weather pushes them quickly; cool weather slows them down. There is so much not in our control! Cool nights and warm days are ideal, allowing the grapes to slowly develop their sugars and taste.

And—this is the day of the Blue Moon, a day that some of us will walk the labyrinth in meditation. That energy will be part of next year’s Harms Vineyards and Lavender Fields Lot Labyrinth 13 Biodynamic organic lavender essential oil and hydrosol. It is also a flower day, meaning the moon sign is an air sign (specifically, aquarius). We will do a small harvest of the helichrysum blossoms.