There Must Be a Blessing…

There must be a blessing… We are including some of our older blogs on the meaning of the lot numbers. The following blog was from a couple of years ago, when we did our last harvest of Lot Sophia. However, we have replanted and many of you have received her bouquets this year, young, long stems… Read more »

IPA’S and the Antibacterial Properties of Lavender

IPA’S and the Antibacterial Properties of Lavender By: Cristin McDonnell California is known as the Golden State, but what it should really be called is the BYOB state. Yes, Bring Your Own Beer! Not being from this state, I am learning that it is best you check out if an event or restaurant will be… Read more »

Sneak Preview: 10 ml Bottle of Biodynamic Organic Lavender Essential Oil

New 10 ml size     One of the ways that Lisa helped us was in some market research as to what people wanted. This size of our estate distilled lavender essential oil is a result of that and is available at Petaluma Market and soon at select Whole Foods. You will soon be able… Read more »

Lisa is at Petaluma Market tomorrow, March 30!

Lisa is at Petaluma Market tomorrow, March 30! Our daughter-in-law Lisa is offering samples and suggestions for use of our Certified Biodynamic organic lavender essential oil, facial mist, and bath salts tomorrow, Saturday, March 30  at Petaluma Market in Petaluma, California, from 4-7 pm. She will also be there Friday, April 12, from 3-5 pm…. Read more »

Great Savings!

Great Savings! This is your chance to save some bucks!  We are selling out our current inventory of Facial Mist, Lots o’ Lavender (10 ounce hydrosol to be discontinued), and a small supply of Lavender essential oil. We offer these products at 30% off their regular price while supplies last. And keep an eye on… Read more »

Grape Harvest Update

Although delicious, these grapes have at least a couple of weeks of ripening for winemaking. The grapes are within a couple of weeks from harvest now, and we have started checking the sugars every few days. Hot weather pushes them quickly; cool weather slows them down. There is so much not in our control! Cool nights… Read more »

Marketing Lavender

Photo compliments of Kathleen Parks-Perry Marketing Lavender Alexandra is helping us promote our products to local markets, including Whole Foods, where we recently were accepted as a vendor. Look for our products in local markets, and if you do not see them, please ask them to stock our Harms Vineyards and Lavender Fields Biodynamic organic… Read more »

Still Distilling!

Lavender from labyrinth awaiting distillation. Still Distilling! It goes on forever, it seems!  Each morning at dawn I see Donald careening down the path in the “mule” with our two labs in the back (I am writing in my studio!) Ramon picks, Donald distills. Each load takes about 2 1/2 hours. Donald getting a little… Read more »

Bog Candle

Bog Candle One of the last in the spring wildflower series, the bog candle is just finishing its bloom on the edge of the forest. The first time I saw it, I marveled at its delicate beauty.  Then suddenly, I saw it everywhere! An orchid,  it blooms on our ranch in June into early July…. Read more »