New Life: Young Sophia Lavender

We planted the 130 new lavender plants we had propagated by Morning Sun Herb Farm from our own plant material. We chose a moon sign flower day in which the moon was also descending, ideal for transplanting lavender. Given that our plants last 10-15 years, we want them to have the best start possible, which means working with them on “flower” days when possible.
This plant was started last August from a cutting from our plants.
It has spent the winter growing roots. Top growth has been pruned back to encourage growth below.

These young plants are in Lot Sophia, that area people visit during our annual Open House in June, this year, Saturday, June 23, 2012. It will be two years before we distill from them, which is why we replant in small numbers. Visit our open house to see their progress!

Lot Sophia, newly transplanted.

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