There Must Be a Blessing…

There must be a blessing… We are including some of our older blogs on the meaning of the lot numbers. The following blog was from a couple of years ago, when we did our last harvest of Lot Sophia. However, we have replanted and many of you have received her bouquets this year, young, long stems… Read more »

Lavender Replant Timing

438 lavender plants, 1/3 of Lot Sophia         Moon in an Air sign, perfect for aromatic plants such as lavender, and today we plant 430 lavender plants. It has taken several days to prepare the ground in hills with new irrigation. Our last (and first) planting lasted 14 years, so it is… Read more »

Cup of Tea for Young Lot Sophia

Young Lot Sophia lavender the first week of May. After fermenting the compost tea for at least 24 hours, we serve the young Lot Sophia plants about a cup each. The plants are pushing some growth, which means they are rooting in, and this tea will provide a good source of nutrition to facilitate this… Read more »

New Life: Young Sophia Lavender

We planted the 130 new lavender plants we had propagated by Morning Sun Herb Farm from our own plant material. We chose a moon sign flower day in which the moon was also descending, ideal for transplanting lavender. Given that our plants last 10-15 years, we want them to have the best start possible, which… Read more »