Gemini: Working with the Moon

Gemini: Working with the Moon It’s a “flower” day, the moon in Gemini, an air sign, and ideal for working with aromatics. This morning we are pruning the lavender  back into the little mounds in which it will stay for the next ten months. It is important to finish this pruning now so the plants… Read more »

Lavender Harvest Begins!

Lot Natalie in the early morning. The bees always alert us to the timing first!  When they arrive, it means the calyxes are beginning to open, and we need to harvest lavender for the dried product pronto! We want to get it just after the opening of two or three calyxes so the flowers do… Read more »

Moon Sign Timing

Dogs meditating during morning stirring. Busy morning!  We are transplanting rose geranium into the orchard and spraying 501, silica from quartz crystal. Moon in Gemini (until 11 am), an air, or flower, sign, and descending now, an ideal time to transplant. The silica spray (horned quartz crystal, or BD 501) on the aromatics brings the… Read more »

Bud Break: Beginning, Again

The season’s fruit and leaves are all wrapped up in this baby bundle.             This week the Chardonnay vines are pushing tiny buds, some already unfolding to reveal miniature leaves and future grape bunches, baby bundles of the season’s riches. Today we begin the Biodynamic sprays. The moon is in… Read more »

Propagating Rose Geranium

The tiny cuttings will spend the winter in our greenhouse and be planted in the spring after frost danger. Propagating Rose Geranium Moon in Aquarius, an air or flower day, and we propagate 288 rose geranium cuttings this morning. We work with the aromatics on “flower days,” days that the moon is in an air… Read more »

Lavender Harvest: Distillation

Lavender Harvest: Distillation The moon is in Aquarius, an air (and flower) sign, and an ideal time to begin the lavender harvest for distillation. We will harvest and distill almost everyday over these next two to three weeks. The bees tell us the flowers are ready, the fields really abuzz!

Flower Day: Working With the Moon

Rose geranium harvested and ready to be distilled.                 Flower Day: Working With the Moon Why is it that those of us who have developed sensitivities to subtle energies can feel intimidated by those rendered ignorant by lopsided rationalism?  Traditionally the farmer intuitively knew these realms of existence,… Read more »

Cycle of Kale

Kale planted last fall is still producing but has bolted.   One of the best leafy green vegetables that we can eat is kale, and it is amazingly easy to grow in our gardens. Not only do we love it, but when it bolts (goes to flower), the bees also love it, and when I… Read more »

Full Bloom Only Eight Weeks Away?

Lavender is still in its wintering mounds, just beginning to send up growth. Yesterday a friend said, “It’s only eight weeks until your Open House!” Yikes!  I thought. This time of year I always go through the same anxiety: will the lavender be in bloom for the Open House? Right now it is just beginning… Read more »

New Life: Young Sophia Lavender

We planted the 130 new lavender plants we had propagated by Morning Sun Herb Farm from our own plant material. We chose a moon sign flower day in which the moon was also descending, ideal for transplanting lavender. Given that our plants last 10-15 years, we want them to have the best start possible, which… Read more »