Lavender and Healing

Lavender and Healing The lavender that we harvested for bouquets is dry now. We dried the bunches in the dark, hanging them upside down and ventilating the room with fresh air. We cleaned the stems  of bind weed and the small leaves at the bottom of the stems. The bouquets were then packed in boxes of 30  to store… Read more »

Bottling the 2014 Distilled Product

Bottling the 2014 Distilled Product Katherine Presley joined us this last summer, bringing her skills and care in helping Donald with distillation, and now helping Patricia bottle the distilled products. She thoroughly understands Biodynamic practices, being trained in England in anthroposophy and teaching in Waldorf schools. She is truly a resource for us! Here she… Read more »

Lavender Hydrosol and Essential Oil Distillation: Final Stretch!

Lavender after harvest. Quail use mounds as lookouts while supervising chicks. This is Lot Natalie. After two weeks of daily distillation, Donald is weary of it!  Still, we have at least three or four days to go.  The oil is as intense and sweet as ever, each lot number (or location) the unique essence of… Read more »

Moon Sign Timing

Dogs meditating during morning stirring. Busy morning!  We are transplanting rose geranium into the orchard and spraying 501, silica from quartz crystal. Moon in Gemini (until 11 am), an air, or flower, sign, and descending now, an ideal time to transplant. The silica spray (horned quartz crystal, or BD 501) on the aromatics brings the… Read more »