Moon Sign Timing

Dogs meditating during morning stirring.

Busy morning!  We are transplanting rose geranium into the orchard and spraying 501, silica from quartz crystal. Moon in Gemini (until 11 am), an air, or flower, sign, and descending now, an ideal time to transplant.

The silica spray (horned quartz crystal, or BD 501) on the aromatics brings the cosmic forces of Gemini to assist the plants’ dissemination of their essential oils. Gemini is a communication sign, airy and light, philosophical even! and influences the healing powers of lavender, rose geranium, and helichrysum, I imagine, by helping them communicate their message. We spray the aromatics in each of the three air signs in the spring, balancing the impact of each air sign on the essential oils.

I always think of aromatics as ambassadors of the ranch, going out, out—taking the heart energy that we stir in before spraying. (This morning, as usual, the dogs meditate beside me while I stir, staring into the meadow— or, wait, are they watching for wild life and a good chase? Another disseminating aspect?)

Dennis Klocek says “the consciousness of not fully knowing is air (Sacred Agriculture, p. 69).” I think of it as also the ability to tolerate not knowing, to not deny what we do not know while staying open to the contradictions and changes in the field of life.

We are in such a time of momentous change! So part of my prayer today as I stir is that the good energy of air will move into the aromatics (which you can order at!) and open us to the presence of the moment with all of its beautiful and painful contradictions.