There Must Be a Blessing…

There must be a blessing…

We are including some of our older blogs on the meaning of the lot numbers. The following blog was from a couple of years ago, when we did our last harvest of Lot Sophia. However, we have replanted and many of you have received her bouquets this year, young, long stems of purple fragrance. Life continues in its cycles. 

There must be a blessing for the last harvest of Field Sophia, lavender that has served us so well over these years!
We planted the lavender in August 1999 and have harvested tons from it. We named it after our goat Sophia. Each lavender field on our ranch has a different name. When you purchase our lavender essential oil or hydrosol, the lot number on the bottle will include the name of the field in which that lavender grew and the year.

Sadly, though, like Sophia and all of the rest of us, lavender is mortal. As it ages, its stems get shorter and shorter, making it more dangerous to harvest (cut hands!) So most of Sophia will be replanted in October.

Meanwhile, we give thanks for this last harvest going on all week of Lot Sophia 13.