Tall Grasses and Goat Trainers

Tall Grasses and Goat Trainers by Melissa McLaughlin I have been spending the early mornings and evenings pulling weeds in the lavender while the boys play various games throughout the large lavender plants. I work my way up the rows, clearing out the tall grasses within the plants so that, when we harvest, the bouquets will be… Read more »

Lavender and the Ice Cube: Preparation for Life (and Birth)

Lavender and the Ice Cube: Preparation for Life (and Birth) by Melissa McLaughlin From the time I was pregnant with our first child, lavender has been a part of our “toolkit” for surviving and thriving through birth and parenthood. Over time I will share some of the ways we have used lavender as parents. Our… Read more »

Spring and Lavender

Spring and Lavender Our son Casey, daughter-in-law Melissa, and grandsons Wesley and Sabien, join us on the ranch with the lavender and aromatic cultivation and marketing. They will be sharing their experiences over these next months as they weed, harvest, and distill to get the lavender to you! By Melissa McLaughlin After a week of heavy rain which soaked… Read more »

Ticks and Aromatics

Ticks and Aromatics by Melissa McLaughlin Winter is receding and Spring emerging. It means more time outdoors–time spent picking wildflower bouquets, time hiking in the fresh green of Spring. For the lavender, it is a time to weed all of the opportunistic weeds and grasses that have grown up under the freeze cloth, which means… Read more »

When did Farming become Political?

When did Farming become Political? —When industries decided to redefine agriculture for financial reasons!  This is happening in many communities. When my husband and I visited his hometown of Plainfield, Illinois, he barely recognized the environment. The once small farm community with its rich topsoiled lands had been sold to developers, and housing tracks stretched as far… Read more »

Change on the Ranch

Change on the Ranch The meditation that I have been doing on Headspace these last days has been on Change. The concept is to allow space to not know, to tolerate uncertainty—mystery. In the meditation one is directed to witness shifts within the body and emotional self, realizing the connection. Focus is on the beginning and the end… Read more »

Lavender Bone Broth and Health

Years ago  Ramon told us that his grandfather in Mexico only drank broth, never the meat. “The broth will make you strong,” he said his grandfather told him. “The meat will weaken you.” Of course, we Americans do pretty much the opposite, eating primarily what we would call the choice parts of the meat. Recently a once-vegetarian… Read more »

Crystallization Period and Spiritual Fruits

Crystallization Period and Spiritual Fruits We are in the period of time that is called crystallization period, when the fallow earth is most receptive to the cosmic forces (January 15-February 15). The El Nino rains, which have already graced us with almost 8″ of rain this month, have brought inwardness and quiet for Donald and me— and yes, for the goats… Read more »

Farming and Associative Economics

Farming and Associative Economics For the first time, I understand something about “associative economics”. The term has hung in my mind like an acronym that you don’t remember the words to and don’t quite understand. Since it is often associated with the English magazine Resurgence and the Schumacher Institute, I figured it had to do with… Read more »

Weight Loss & Lavender: Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Weight Loss & Lavender: Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions By: Cristin McDonnell If your New Year’s resolution is to hit the gym in January, lavender will not only  aid in weight loss, but will help you keep the weight off.  Here are 3 reasons why. 1.) Drink Lavender Green Tea: Doing a teatox has become a trendy way to… Read more »