Lavender Engenders Trust

Lavender Engenders Trust In a Leiden University study out of the Netherlands, lavender aroma was shown to engender a state of trust. The research reported  in Frontiers in Psychology, “A question of Scent: Lavender Aroma Promotes Interpersonal Trust,” found that individuals under the calming influence of lavender were more trusting in interpersonal relationships than individuals presented with  scents which are more stimulating,… Read more »

Compost and Drought

Compost and Drought This last week our compost arrived: all 60 tons of it for our 6 1/2 acres of grapes. We had it dumped at the end of the grape rows, and then tucked four sets of compost preps into it to help the soil integrate its forces. The compost itself smells a little… Read more »

Lavender Roasted Thanksgiving Bird

Lavender Roasted Thanksgiving Bird If you are looking for a healthy way to spice up your Thanksgiving bird this season, consider lavender and other herbs de Provence. The secret is to go light on the lavender. We use Harms Cooking Stems, which have less oil, and we start out with only a few. You don’t want… Read more »

First Day of Dried Lavender Harvest

First Day of Dried Lavender Harvest Another year’s harvest blog,  but the story of where the stems come from when you order a dried bouquet, cooking stems, or loose flowers. Watch for a recipe this next week for your Thanksgiving turkey!   Almost three weeks late, but lavender harvest is finally here! We started harvesting at dawn… Read more »

Spraying Fermented Equisetum Tea

Spraying Fermented Equisetum Tea Another of our past blogs on the use of a Biodynamic spray— which works wonders! From here on through the growing season, twice a month, new and full moon, we will be spraying the agricultural areas of our ranch with a fermented version of equisetum tea, BD 508. You can read… Read more »

There Must Be a Blessing…

There must be a blessing… We are including some of our older blogs on the meaning of the lot numbers. The following blog was from a couple of years ago, when we did our last harvest of Lot Sophia. However, we have replanted and many of you have received her bouquets this year, young, long stems… Read more »

Harms Dried Lavender and Rancho Gordo Beans Recipe

Harms Dried Lavender Rancho Gordo Royal Corona Beans Recipe We love Rancho Gordo beans at Harms, and fall is the perfect time to cook them.  You can put these beans in a crock pot in the morning (perfect weeknight time saver!) with your favorite herbs and water and they come out great every time.  You don’t… Read more »

Food is Medicine: Cooking with Dried Herbs

Food is Medicine: Cooking with Dried Herbs By: Cristin McDonnell As a student of Ayurveda, I have become very aware of the healing properties of plants. I use many high quality herbs in capsules, but I also use fresh and dried herbs in drinks and in cooking. I say this from a perspective that when… Read more »

IPA’S and the Antibacterial Properties of Lavender

IPA’S and the Antibacterial Properties of Lavender By: Cristin McDonnell California is known as the Golden State, but what it should really be called is the BYOB state. Yes, Bring Your Own Beer! Not being from this state, I am learning that it is best you check out if an event or restaurant will be… Read more »

Five Ways Essential Oils Deter Mosquitoes

Five Ways Essential Oils Deter Mosquitoes An important use  for our Biodynamic organic lavender essential oil is to deter mosquitoes. Mosquitoes and other insects hate the scent, and you can rest assured that you are not poisoning yourself—or your child—when you use it. I think of it as a non-violent approach to what can be a very annoying situation at… Read more »